Monday, 30 September 2013

September Favourites and a Short Introduction

Welcome to Girl inform Me!

I am Aysel, I'm a twenty five year old mental health therapist living in Saaath London. I figured I spend 99.9999% of my time outside of work reading makeup, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs that I might aswell give it a go myself (the rest of the time I'm in boots).

So here are a few beauty bits I've been enjoying in the month of September.

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation in Shade 15 Opal 

I can't seem to make up my mind whether I'm a full coverage or 'no makeup makeup' kind of girl. On one hand, I like the perfect face look but it can get a bit cakey and rocking that look everyday to work in a mental health unit... bit much. So lately I've taken to applying a small amount of this with some concealer every morning. This a full coverage so you only need the tiniest amount but it isn't too thick and it's not overly matte so it's pretty good for everyday use. The staying power is great, lasting me a full busy 8-10 hour day and at around about 15 quid I think it's quite good value for your monies.

Soap&Glory Peaches And Clean 3in1 Wash Off Deep Purifying Cleanser

I have to admit, I am a complete skincare novice. Up until about 6 months ago, I really didn't give a monkeys about cleansers, toners, moisturers, serums, whatever. But seeing as I've hit the mid-twenties (lucky me) I thought I'd dip my toes into the world of skincare. I picked this up as part of an offer on Soap&Glory products in Boots a couple of weeks ago. I've been using this after removing my eye makeup and before I jump in the shower. It smells pretty good, like synthetic peaches and a hint of mint and it tingles. After washing off (which I do with warm water and my trusty Primark flannels) my skin feels very clean, fresh and baby soft. Thumbs up all round. If you don't really know where to start in terms of skincare, I think Soap&Glory is a purse friendly place to start, offering a range of products promising a number of exciting things for your face and body and the packaging is flippin lovely.

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

This little thing is my Holy Grail mascara. My lashes aren't amazing, they are very light and not the longest in the world but seriously, this transforms them in the blink of an eye (see what I did there), making them longer, thicker and curlier. If your on the look out for a high end mascara and don't wanna take my word for it, go to a Lancome counter and ask for one of the little samples, I think you'll like it. I've actually stopped using this so much lately, as it's coming to an end and the thought of finishing it and not having a replacement fills me with anxiety. It is expensive but it's GOOD so I can't complain.

Soap&Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen

Before I bought this last week, I was flitting in between Rimmels Exaggerate liquid eyeliner, which I used since I was about 14 and Maybellines Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner. The former is easy to use, but likes to travel down my face and the latter I have just not mastered yet when it comes to applying gel liner with a fineliner brush. So I picked this up, again in Boots (can you see a pattern forming?) and I really love it. The felt tip thingy is just so easy to use, whether you want a thick, dramatic cat eye or just to thicken up and line the upper lash line, my dog could do it (kind of). It also does not budge and does not make you look like a panda 2 hours into the day. Deffo one of my new staples, Soap&Glory, you know your shit.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in 720 Notting Hill Nude
(£3.50 on Amazon)

This is the first ever nude lipstick I have tried that doesn't make me look like a weirdo. Usually I try a nude on, it makes me look dead or like I'm wearing foundation on my lips. Just no. But this shade is just so nice. It's nude but also a little peachy and it just looks lovely. The wear is not amazing, so I carry it in my bag for touch ups throughout the day.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple

This one isn't going to be something you haven't come across before. Everybody and their mum has tried and loved the Revlon Lip Butters and I can confirm that they are definitely something to shout about. The formula is amazing; moisturising, hydrating, packed full of good stuff. The wear is longlasting and the colour range offers something for everyone. I picked up Candy Apple which is an eye catching orangey red but very wearable at the same time. If you are like me and feel nervous about sporting a bold lip, this is a great one to try out. Next on my list are Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie and Creme Brulee.

So there ya have it. Hope you liked my favourites.

Aysel x

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