Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Autumn Nails - After School Boy Blazer

I am in the throes of an essie love affair. The long wear, wide set one swipe brush, the array of seriously b e a u t i f u l colours on offer. When it comes to lacquering up my nails, essie has my heart (sorry barry m gelly's, there's room for you too). I didn't think my love could get any deeper until I saw this little guy doing the rounds on the blogging circuit. 

After School Boy Blazer looks almost black on the nails but reflects a gorgeous deep, midnight navy in the light. I slathered this on my nails on Sunday night and couldn't bear to take it off and rocked it to work the next day (even though I'm not allowed to wear stuff on my nails). Naughty.

You will get a good 5 days wear out of this with no chips if you use a good top coat (seche vite is the holy grail of top coats- get it).

And it has the best name ever. Look no further for your navy hues this Autumn. You can pick this up for about £8 in boots.

Sorry about the rubbish swatch, this is what it looks like with rubbish lighting on instagram.

Aysel x

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