Saturday, 19 October 2013

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists

I recently drove down to the Westfield's shopping centre in Stratford for the first time since it opened. My usual place for spending all of my money is Bluewater, or Covent Garden if I'm feeling fancy, but after googling the store list Westfield's had to offer I thought I'd finally take the trip up to East London. One of the stores that I'd been looking forward to perusing was the US based lingerie heavyweight Victoria's Secret. To be honest, I wasn't massively into the bras and knickers they had to offer, but what DID catch my eye was the huge array of 'Fragrance Mists'. And they were on offer for 3 for £24.

I spent a good 20 minutes spraying every mist until there was no space left on my arm/coat/scarf, much to my boyfriends annoyance. I eventually settled on 'Such A Flirt', 'Enchanted Nights' and 'Midnight Dare'.

'Such A Flirt' is a light, floral mix of starfruit and white orchid, it's the sweetest and most girly of the three and I like to spray this liberally over my clothes in the mornings, not particularly because I'm a flirt. just cos.

'Enchanted Nights' is from the limited edition 'Fall' (that's Autumn for us British) collection. It is a blend of coconut flower and silky sandalwood. This is probably my favourite of the three, mainly due to the scent of sandalwood. Up until I started my new job I had no idea what Sandalwood was or smelled like, however, I have started to do some relaxation sessions at work which include using various aromatherapy oils and I have become really fond of the warm and woody scent of sandalwood. So if that's your thing, give this a try.

Lastly, 'Midnight Dare' is another fruity scent mixed with raspberry and my fave again, sandalwood. This one is pretty similar to the aforementioned enchanted nights. I'm not gonna lie, I picked this one cos I liked the name and the bottle. After a few hours wear, this one literally smells like sugary fruit on your clothes. Weird, but I kinda like it.

All in all I've been really enjoying these mists. They are not the most sophisticated or long wearing but are great for everyday wear rather than going for your favourite (expensive) perfume every morning. The packaging and names on the bottles are super cute, look pretty on any dressing table and if you like smelling sweet and girly, you will like them. They would also make a great christmas present with the offer on too!

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